7 video ideas that will boost your digital marketing strategy


With 5 billion people watching Youtube videos every day, it’s no surprise that video has become the key to a great digital marketing strategy. Videos engage your customers, get them excited about your dealership, and help them choose you over your competitors. Some studies have shown they increase conversion from landing pages by 0ver 80%.  So if you’re not using video already, it’s time to start! Here are seven ideas for great videos for your dealership’s digital marketing campaigns:

7 Car Dealer Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Digital Marketing:

  1. “How-to” videos, such as “how to keep your luxury in tip-top shape” or “how to check you car’s battery at home.” Reach anyone who might turn to your dealership for help, not just people currently shopping for something new.
  2. Staff features. Create videos of the people who work at your dealership to make your website more personal and help build trust with customers. This is a great way to showcase the positive culture of your dealership. Check out this DrivingSales piece on how one dealership did just that.
  3. Vehicle spotlights, where you explain the features and advantages of top-sellers in your inventory. Give customers valuable information to help their research process.
  4. 360 inventory views. Give your site visitors a broad overview of the cars in your showroom to get them excited about coming in. Make sure to include shots of happy customers!
  5. Comparison videos between competing models. Walk shoppers through a full run-down of features to help them choose the vehicle that’s best for them.
  6. Event recaps. Show your involvement in your community by featuring videos of charity and other events held at your dealership. Don’t run events at your dealership? Now’s the time to start!
  7. Fun and random. Video your staff dancing to holiday music or parodying a popular song. Your customers will love it. Keyes Woodland Hills Honda has some great examples.

Remember, video content is not all about sales– it’s about sharing value with your site visitors and building relationships. Ultimately, though, if your videos benefit the people interested in your dealership, you will see happier customers and a boost in sales.

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