6 practical artificial intelligence tools changing the world


Artificial intelligence, or AI, gets so much attention in tech news it can be hard to keep up. Becoming part of virtually every field out there, AI has also entered the automotive space not only in self-driving and connected car technologies, but in digital marketing for dealerships as well, promising enhanced efficiency and increased profits.

But that’s just one part of the picture. The AI scene today is full of developments of all kind, and we wanted to bring you up to speed on some of the latest, across industries. So here are some of the best AI innovations in auto and beyond:

CRM- enhancing AI

SugarCRM has come up with a product called Hint, as part of a series it calls Relationship Intelligence. This platform culls the internet for public-domain information about CRM leads, including Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, for example. The idea is to allow salespeople to have more information- and thus better conversations and relationships with leads- without having to search for and compile the information themselves. If this seems a little invasive to you, just remember that you could find all this data yourself- the program just pulls it to save you time.

With the emphasis on personalization today, this is another way that companies are attempting to get to know their clients in the absence of face to face contact.

Job-search AI

Good news for any job hunters out there- or for any of you looking for new employees. Google has introduced an AI job search feature that lets users search across major job platforms without going to their individual websites.

Why is this a good thing? It reduces the repetitiveness of seeing the same job posted in multiple locations, and the tedium of searching for employee reviews. Instead, it creates one list of relevant jobs based on easily-refined paramenters, complete with connections to company reviews. Google removes all the duplicates, and, where multiple applications to the same position exist, sends the user directly to the most complete one.

Searching for a new job just got a little more convenient, and a little less aggravating.

AI for your health

Ada, the new AI medical app, aims to help patients understand their symptoms and their medical options.

How does it work? Using a conversational interface, Ada prompts patents to answer a series of questions about their medical history and symptoms, and then suggests causes to the problem and possible solutions. It also indicates when the user can remedy the problem at home, and when they should follow up with a doctor. And because Ada is powered by machine learning, it continually refines and improves its results as it gets to know users.

The key here is not to replace doctors, but to improve the often confusing and difficult medical process. It saves time and repetition by getting the basics out of the way and keeping a record for doctors to use, and empowers patients to understand their medical situation better and make more informed decisions.

Travel-booking AI

If you’ve been dying to plan your next vacation- and to try out a chatbot- here’s your chance to do both at the same time. Kayak, the popular booking site, has a bot on its Facebook page, which you can access by opening the messaging option (it says “very responsive to messages,” and it really is).

This chat tool spares you the trouble of searching Kayak.com, instead bringing the results straight to the message box. Check it out and see if it saves you time. You can also see if you can stump the bot- for now. Chatbots are improving all the time.

AI Toys

The average Spider-Man toy may cost less, but this AI-enabled plush superhero can talk to you.

Sphero’s new Spider-Man has a variety of superpowers: speech-recognition, LCD eyes, an infrared sensor, and, most prominent, a very corny sense of humor. Talk to him about whatever’s on your mind, hear his thoughts on a variety of topics, and marvel at his only slightly creepy blinking.

This Super-Man can’t crawl on walls or ceilings, but he can sure tell a terrible joke.

AI for dealership websites

Didn’t think we would leave you hanging, did you?

Smart targeting is a type of AI that allows dealerships to personalize every customer interaction on their websites. Responding to individual shoppers’ needs online creates the feeling of a helpful salesperson answering questions and providing useful information for the buying process.

The technology uses machine learning to understand user behavior on-site, predict the content that will interest them as well as the time they are likely to want to see it, show the right content at the right time, and then record the customer’s response to improve personalization for future customers. The result is a better user experience- one that leads to an increase in lead capture, and improved sales.

It’s the personalization tool of the future- but you can use it right now.

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