5 ways to rock your dealership’s website with offers and promotions

  Ilana Zur

Ever been to a dealership website these days?  I’m sure you have.  Chat box appears from the bottom left while a gift offer pops up on the right… So many offers to choose from!  Everyone is putting offers on their dealership websites to bring in the online leads.

But what makes your offer different from your competitors?  What makes your offer pop at the website visitor and make it completely irresistible?

Our award-winning designers let us in on some design secrets that can rock your online conversions and pay off your marketing dollars.  If you’re paying for traffic and bringing in the leads, make sure they’re seeing the right offers.  Don’t leave them confused, annoyed, or unimpressed. That’s a waste of your SEO investment.

  1. Copy that converts:  The text of your offer should be grammatically correct and exciting.  Not dull and bland.  Wow! Amazing! And You don’t want to miss this! are the kind of sentences that excite your audience.
  2. Compelling discounts: Don’t offer a $5 off coupon for a car.  It’s not going to work.  The promotions should be compelling and irresistible, so make sure you’re offering discounts that people will actually want to take.  Bring in the online leads with a nice 15% off all purchases in the showroom, for example.
  3. Urgency: A sense of urgency always works- if you’re offer expires soon or is only valid for certain cars, promotions, or stores, make sure you convey the urgency.   A little bit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) will never hurt.
  4. Design that converts: Every dealership should have their own offers- no recycled offers that are probably similar to your competitors’ pop-ups.  If your dealership puts up designs that are branded, consistent with the website, and different than other dealerships, you’ll grab leads’ attention and convert more at a much faster pace.
  5. User Experience: Be sensitive to your users. Use offers and popups that are easy to dismiss and don’t pop up again and again to uninterested consumers.  When a website is sensitive to its visitors, it becomes a positive experience leading to happier browsers and a lift in conversions.

Looking to convert more of your traffic into leads?  Want to make your offers irresistible?  Contact us today and we’ll make it happen for you.  216-242-1320