It’s an unfortunate reality that each time a sales rep fails to make a sale, there is a good chance you will lose that customer to a competing dealership.

Don’t be surprised that the same applies online.

A 2014 study showed that four in five vehicle shoppers used the Internet to visit 10 auto websites as part of their shopping process (and 40% said they visited only one dealership). If you can approach each web visitor with the sincerity and attentiveness that your sales rep would approach a customer coming into your dealership showroom, then your chances of success will increase significantly.

The following are some steps you can take with AutoLeadStar to ensure that your hard-won website visitors are yours to keep. No one deserves these leads more than you do!

Step 1. Target intelligently: Decide what kind of offers to show each visitor coming to your website. With AutoLeadStar’s intelligent targeting you can make the right offer to the right person and get each site visitor excited about your dealership. Whether you target based on the visitor’s location, demographics, lead source or on-site behavior, strategy is key.

  • You may want to target leads coming from a paid campaign with a special discount for this week only.
  • You may want to target a lead who is viewing your website in a Spanish browser with a welcome message in Spanish
  •  You may want to target local visitors to drive foot traffic into your dealership

This personal and relevant offer could be what inspires your visitors to choose your dealership instead of a competitor.

Step 2. Make irresistible offers: You have identified who you are targeting, now it is time for the details of your message. You may want to emphasize urgency – such as a special discount for shoppers who come to your dealership in the next 24 hours, or an offer on the last five cars in stock from a particular model. The form button is also critical. It should be clear and action packed: “TEST DRIVE NOW”, “SHOW ME CARS”, “GET IN-STORE OFFER.” Get to know your site visitors and make offers that you know work. A/B test those fresh ideas for optimal results.

Step 3. Follow-up immediately: While you may have converted your site visitors,  think of the disappointment you will feel if you lose one to a competitor because it took too long to follow up. A good lead capture automation system will differentiate the quality, hot leads from those that are less urgent, for and your sales reps to act upon immediately. For every lead captured through your website, you will be provided with information about how much time this person has spent on your website, which pages they have looked at and the amount of time he or she has spent looking at a particular car. This is awesome for your sales team- they can follow up with this information and jump right into the relevant details.  If you act instantly, there is a good chance you can get these leads to come into your store.

Step 4. Don’t give up on those that leave: With AutoLeadStar, you can create a longitudinal campaigns to engage your site visitors. Your conversion strategy may not have worked on Mr. X the first time around, but when they come back to your site, show them something different- with a fresh offer there is a bigger chance to get them excited about you. Many visitors convert on the second or third website visit, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for a second chance!

Step 5. Learn and adjust: With our assistance, and your own inherent knowledge, learn what is working and adapt accordingly. Use our Insights feature to engage segments of your traffic that you may be overlooking. With the click of a button, you can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Understand your site traffic, engage them personally, and convert them into qualified leads.  You’ll outshine your competitors. 


If you have any questions about how AutoLeadStar can drive sales on your auto site, feel free to reach out to us,, tweet @autoleadstar, or call us at 216-242-1320.