5 digital strategy tips to improve customer retention at your dealership


It’s hard to get customers’ attention these days. With the huge amounts of research people do online, getting car shoppers to choose and buy from your dealership is a huge challenge.

And once they do buy from you? It’s hard to keep their attention, especially for owners of cars no longer under warranty. There’s so much choice out there that losing customers can unfortunately happen at every turn.

The good news is that since so much shopping is done online, your digital marketing platforms present excellent opportunities to stay in touch with your customers and build loyalty. Use these channels to keep providing value so customers stay happy and keep choosing your dealership for their service, maintenance, and even future purchases.

Here are five tips for using your digital strategy to improve customer retention at your dealership:

1. Get together as many reviews and testimonials as humanly possible 

Customer testimonials are considered the most effective marketing tactic out there. You already know they are extremely important for bringing first-time shoppers into your dealership. But they can also be a great way to tell people about your superior service department: how high quality, how fast, how convenient. Let your satisfied customers advertise for you, and place their reviews on your website, your Facebook page, or in your email campaigns. Reviews and testimonials are also a great way to retain customers who submit them. If a satisfied customer tweets a photo of themselves with their new vehicle and you retweet them, that customer will feel a greater connection to your brand, and even a sense of ownership, and will likely return.

2. Set up some fab segmented email campaigns for return customers

It’s important to have great follow-up and nurture for all your internet leads, but don’t forget to set up campaigns for customers who have already purchased from you. Segment these campaigns by customer interest– buyers vs. leasers, the type of vehicle they bought, personal demographics– and send information relevant to each group, such as service reminders and packages, community events at your dealership, or specials when the time comes to consider an upgrade. Make sure to offer plenty of content that doesn’t try to sell, such as tips and guides and even birthday cards. Letting your buyers know you care will make them feel valued.

3. Kill it on mobile

Someone who needs an oil change will likely google options on their phone during their break at work, so in addition to a great SEO strategy, make sure your dealership looks great and is extremely user-friendly on mobile. (Not sure your website provider optimizes for mobile? Check out this guide.) Better yet, invest in creating a mobile app for your dealership so customers can book appointments and ask questions on an interface designed for a great mobile experience.

4. Get on social media. Stay on social media.

Use your dealership Facebook and Twitter accounts to interact with customers instantly and directly. This is a an especially effective way to improve customer satisfaction and encourage retention because it allows you to respond quickly and often publicly, which creates a reputation of accessibility, transparency, and responsiveness.  If a customer tweets a complaints at you and you resolve it immediately, not only is that customer happy, but others see that service is a priority for your dealership.

5. Make sure your website is chock-full of great content for car owners

Getting those new leads to come in a buy is a major priority for digital. But how great would it be if your previous customers could find all the information they need on your website for maintaining their car? Create lists and guides– or even better, videos– such as how to get your car ready for winter, or how to decide whether it’s worth it to rent a car or bring yours on your road trip, or how to know when it’s time to book a service appointment. Your dealership website can be a vehicle (get it? sorry) for retention when it’s a great resource for both current and future customers

When it comes down to it, these tips are all about providing great service for customers at every stage. Use your digital to reach your previous customers and keep them coming back for more.


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